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Worker bees secrete royal jelly, which is consumed by the queen bee and larvae. Royal jelly boosts immunity, reduces fatigue, and increases sleep in humans. It has an astringent, spicy taste and is rich in decenoic acid, nucleic acid, protein, vitamins, trace elements, and other minerals.

Differences between Royal Jelly and Honey

The difference between honey and jelly lies in their nutritional value. The nutritional value of jelly is dozens of times higher than that of honey, and jelly can only be used by the queen bee. Of course, the prices of honey and jelly are not at the same level. superior.

Nutritional Value of Royal Jelly 

Keep fresh royal jelly frozen at all times. The major goal of cryopreservation is to protect the beneficial components of jelly. An essential element of fresh jelly, the active substance also serves as the mechanism for the jelly’s magical properties. Honey is the best material for keeping jelly because it is a sugar substance and has a high concentration that can prevent bacteria from reproducing. Additionally, honey has compounds that can prevent bacteria from reproducing. Furthermore, ingesting jelly combined with honey has a more notable impact than ingesting jelly alone.

Potential Benefits of Royal Jelly

Studies have shown that ingesting royal jelly decreases the body’s histamine reaction to allergens.

Royal jelly antioxidants shield the fatty acids in brain tissue from free radical attacks, which may help to treat Alzheimer’s. Royal jelly combats cancer, aids in the treatment of diabetes, fights inflammation, promotes digestive health, and may also help with weight loss.

Potential Side Effects of Royal Jelly

According to reports, jelly can be consumed up to 1,000 mg daily without causing any negative side effects. Due to allergies to either jelly or some of the additives added to it, some people have been known to experience an allergic reaction to it.12

The symptoms of an allergic reaction to jelly can range from mild nasal problems to more severe and potentially fatal symptoms including wheezing, a rapid heartbeat, and facial edema or swelling around the neck or tongue.

Nutritional Value of Honey

Season, location, processing methods, and flower nectar type can influence honey composition, but carbohydrates (simple sugars like fructose and glucose) are generally the main nutritious components. Honey also contains trace amounts of enzymes, polyphenols, flavonoids from pollen, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in addition to water.

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