Our Story

Khan Alasal Company was established since 1989. It is a Lebanese company that has worked to develop bee supplies sector for many years and has established its own apiaries and hives.

Then we have traded honey in many countries. A few years later a specialized team within the company cooperated with doctors and specialists Production of honey and bee materials such as aromas, royal jelly and pollen, combined with natural oils and herbs and extracting products for the whole family Creams Shampoo – Soap – Candies – Oils and others, also treat infertility and chronic diseases, such as eczema, diabetes, vitiligo and others. The company was developed and opened a head office in China and Malaysia and other countries we take care of the highest quality standards, techniques of health quality following the latest technology. We always strive to satisfy customers, merchants and companies, producing the best honey product made with love and lots of care.

Let`s make your whole life taste as honey.


The founder of the company

Mr. Ziad Omar Dabliz

Our Mission & Vision

Khan Alasal International Trading

Our story with honey began to search for the finest honey in the world that satisfy our clients needs and taste as well. After that we conducted researches and studies in medication with honey and its products (APITHERAPY) and essential oils (AROMATHERAPY) and herbs (PHYTOTHERAPY) with experts in our company for many years.We have produced for you shampoo, soap, oils for hair, creams and many other varieties, activated honey, infertility honey and other products tangled and effective to be a beauty, healing and protection for the whole family.We have all equipments, bee accessories, packaging machines etc …We expended our offices in China – Malaysia – Lebanon to provide the best services to you for trading and shipping all over the world.

General Product Information

1) First you need to see the materials that come out of the beehive: honey – propolis (propolis) – pollen (Bee Pauline) Wax (Bee Wax) – Royal food (Royal Jelly) – Bee venom (Phenom).


2) The company is mainly extracting propolis and converting pearls liquid material cold and without alcohol and this helps us to give high quality in the manufacture of products.


3) Our production is an experience in obtaining and producing raw materials that are then used in the industry.


4) Our Experts in the company:

  • Apitherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Phytotherapy


5) After long experience in this field, we have been able to extract the best types of herbs and transformed into essential oils of high efficiency and also converted into active materials without sediment.


For example: (herbs are dried and then grinded and sorted roseb and active materials and the conversion of 20 K 10, 5 or 1 K only and this is an additional reason to distinguish and make our products effective and outstanding results and this strengthened the confidence of major companies, traders and users.

Company’s Policy

Khan Alasal company has developed a strategic marketing plan to give our agents the ability to be a real profit partners and allowed them to feel that they are actually the owners of the company in which not only marketers. Therefore, we were satisfied to offer benefits for our merchants, customers and partners as well.

Agent and Sales Methods

You can request the agency’s application for e-commerce sales, you can be our online selling agent and it is required worldwide.

Dealing and Commissions

The sale in the company is hierarchical and serial starts from the first to the last broker that does not exceed 3 people and also does not exceed 2% for the agent and 5% for the wholesale and not exclusive retail.

Offers and Exhibitions

Our company enjoys constant offers throughout the year, we set an annual budget for local and international exhibitions.

Rapid Growth

Rapid deployment and high technology are always required to attract customers and draw attention to our new products that fits the market needs.

Ideas Raised

Our company accepts every new and advanced ideas in the world of industry and marketing (paid).

Sales and marketing plans

The company sets annual sales figures that must be reached and exceeded means success for all as a strong and cohesive team and the company appreciates the level of efforts and giving which provides rapid upgrading percentages of commissions annually.

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